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New Mother

As seen in the May 2019 Demented Mother’s Day issue from Tales from the Moonlit Path. There was a nice financial prize to be had in winning first place, but as always it’s just nice to get published.

“Is it possible to crave something you’ve never tasted before?”

My pregnancy support group seemed baffled by my question, as if I had asked the proper temperature to bake a souffle in Denver or the spark plug gap for a 1982 Toyota.

After a pregnant pause, our group host picked up the gauntlet. “Well, yes. I would think so. Do you mean like caviar? Foie gras? Fancy stuff?”

They discussed it at length. The women in the room went down a path where they ended up naming the weirdest food they had eaten, or—in the case of a vocal few—the most disgusting thing they had ever put in their mouth.

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